Hackerii romani au lasat masca juriul la conferinta Yahoo! Open Hack, organizata in Capitala, in acest sfarsit de saptamana. Specialistii romani inscrisi in concurs au plecat acasa cu 7 premii, intre care si cel pentru hacking in folosul societatii, cu un proiect care prevede crearea unor harti cu padurile defrisate.

In competitie s-au inscris peste 350 de specialisti in informatica si graficieni din intreaga Europa. Timp de 24 de ore, acestia au lucrat la cate un proiect. Au incercat sa creeze ceva inedit, pornind de la programe de calculator accesibile oricui.

La categoria Hacker's Choice, castigatoare a iesit Ferma, proiect care iti spune cum e vremea si cati prieteni mai ai online.

Din juriu au facut parte inclusiv Raymie Stata (CTO Yahoo!) si Todd Hay (seful Yahoo! Developer Network).

Iata si proiectele castigatoare, cu descrierile oficiale:

Categoria Best Messenger Hack

Nume Proiect: Yahoo! Social Programming

Descriere: A Eclipse plug-in based on Yahoo Messenger API that enables programmers around the world to share their code in real-time.

Echipa: Corabia Nebunilor (Cristi Staicu, Liana Lupsa, Sandra Serbanescu, Horia Radu)


Categoria Best Yahoo! product enhancement

Nume Proiect: TheBatMail

Descriere: TheBatMail is a web app (Yahoo Mail App) that integrates directly into Yahoo! Mail. Our app has 3 main featurers or hacks if you want: threaded discussions, social discovery and email editing.

Echipa: The BatMen (Lucian Todea, Constantin Tovisi, Mircea Soaica, Stefan Rusu)


Categoria Best Hack for Social Good

Nume Proiect: Map of Deforested Areas of Romania

Descriere: A program that makes possible the identification of forest cuts, working with satellite images. This application will be used by the general public (crowd sourced) and checked by the organizers (environmental NGO) in order to build the first public inventory of deforested areas in the country. The complete report drawn from the application will be used to notify the authorities, and the media, so that the situation be checked and cleared up officially.

Echipa: We plant good deeds in Romania (Emilian Losneanu, Dragos Barbu, Liana Buzea, Florin Buga)


Categoria Best Mashup

Nume Proiect: Ymotion

Descriere: Ymotion helps you get the an idea about the mood of your audience at a presentation or in a touristic place by leveraging face detection and face gestures recognition techniques.

Echipa: The Guys (Andrei Blaj, Lucian Hutanu, Alexandru Rada, Catalin Morosan)


Categoria Best Local Hack

Nume Proiect: Tourist Guide

Descriere: Tourist guide finds the most popular objectives to be visited. The popularity is based on the number of pictures from flickr, foursquare, gowalla and panoramio near the place the visitor is. The application also finds the best route between the objectives and shows it.

Echipa: Javascript Team (Gabriel Munteanu, Alexandru Bardas, Alexandru Topliceanu, Marian Posaceanu)


Categoria Best BOSS Hack

Nume Proiect: Take a Hike

Descriere: A tool to help people see who they're voting for. It tracks movement through the political partys for the current politicians, shows stats and other useful information.

Echipa: Plan 9 (Alexandru Badiu)


Categoria Hacker's Choice

Nume Proiect:The Yahoo! Farm - Cloud Data in Your BedRoom

Echipa: The RoboFun Team (Viorel Spinu, Constantin Craciun, Ionut Cotoi, Alexandru Stefanica)

Descriere: This farm house uses a series of APIS to tell the user the weather, if there are new emails, and how many friends are online. The windmill and backdrop depend on the weather, the sheep are the number of online friends, and the lighted tree represents the number of new emails.


Categoria Best in Show pentru prezentarea a 3 hack-uri realizate in 24 de ore

Castigator: Alexandru Badiu

1) Take a Hike

2) Quick info - Quick info uses Yahoo BOSS and YQL to quickly pull information about a particular subject from various sources.

3) Playlist-O-Matic - Generates music playlists based on your various inputs


La concursul din acest sfarsit de saptamana, hackerii au consumat 25 de kilograme de cafea.